We make switching easy!

Chicago Municipal Employees Credit Union (CMECU) makes it easier than you think to switch financial institutions.

Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Open a CMECU Share/Savings Account ($25 deposit needed) and you're automatically a member. Just stop into any CMECU Branch, complete our online application or call us at 312-236-2326.
  2. Close your existing accounts. Use our Account Closure form to close any existing accounts you may have with other financial institutions. Complete the form and give it to your existing financial institutions, then wait for all of your checks to clear so you can close your old checking accounts.
  3. Use the Direct Deposit form to re-direct your payroll check into your new CMECU Savings or Checking account. If you currently receive any pension or Social Security checks, be sure to notify the pension provider or government agency as well.
  4. Use the Automatic Payment form to notify any companies currently receiving automatic payments from your old checking account that you've moved your account to CMECU.
  5. Start using your new CMECU accounts.

It's that EASY!

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