CMECU Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule
Effective Date: Thursday, February 29th, 2024
Savings Account Fees
Savings Account Excessive Withdrawal Fee $6.00 per occurrence, if more than six (6) withdrawals per year
Savings/Holiday/IRA Account Paper or Copy of Statement Fee $2.00 per copy
Checking Account Fees
Minimum Balance $0 None
Checking Maintenance fee for Business Accounts
(Free for Non-Profits)
$10.00 per month without Direct Deposit
(Waived if Aggregate Bal is $3,000.00 or more)
Non-Electronic Transactions
(Checks processed & in-branch deposits & withdrawals)
50 Free Checks cleared/deposited
50 Free Checks - withdrawals
$0.25 per item over 50/free bill pay, E-Statements & online banking
Overdraft or Transfer Fee $7.00 per item
NSF Fee $39.00 per item
Returned Item Fee $39.00 per item
Paid Item Overdraft Fee $39.00 per item
Stop Payment Fee $25.00 per request
Check Printing Fee Prices may vary depending upon style
Paper or Copy of Statement Fee $2.00 per copy
Copy of Cancelled Check Fee $5.00 per check
Annual ATM/Debit Card Fee $5.00
Other Service Fess
Account Reconciliation Fee $35.00 per hour
Account Research Fee $35.00 per hour
Statement Copy Fee $2.00 per copy
Deposited Item Return Fee $35.00 per item
Items Sent for Collection Fee $20.00 per item
Money Order Fee $1.00 each
Legal Process Fee $75.00
Stop Payment Removed $15.00
Immigration Letter/Account Verification Fee $10.00
Collection Delinquent Fee $39.00 per occurrence
Plastic Card Replacement Fee $10.00
Cash Advance Fee 3% of advance or $25.00, whichever is less ($2.00 minimum)
Back-up Withholding for IRS $5.00 per quarter
Rush Plastic Card $20.00
Plastic Card Recovery Fee $65.00
Credit Card Late Fee/Return Payment Fee up to $35.00
Check by Phone Fee $10.00 per check
VISA Annual Fee (Platinum Free) $25.00
Negative Balance Fee $9.00 per day after seven (7) days of negative balance
Dormant Account Fee $5.00 per month after inactive for a year
Credit Report Fee $10.00 (on denials & cancellation requests)
Verification of Deposit $5.00
Cashiers Check $5.00 for members
Domestic Wires $20.00
International Wires $30.00
Incoming Wires $5.00
Early Account Close Fee $25.00 (before 9 months)
Restraining Notices/Tax Levy $50.00 per item
VISA Gift Cards $4.95
VISA Travel Re-Loadable Money Card $10.00 (initial min. purchase amt $100.00)
Electronic Funds Transfer Fees
Credit Union ATM Withdrawal/Transfer Fee No Charge
Nonproprietary ATM Withdrawal/Transfer Fee No Charge
Debit Card Transaction Fee No Charge
ATM Fee No Charge
POS Fee No Charge
Debit Fee No Charge
PIN Reorder Fee $5.00 per PIN
ACH Origination Credit $8.00 per transaction
Non-member Check Cashing 1/2% of check amount
Non-member Usage of Credit Union ATM Machine $3.00
Share Value/Membership Fee
Par Value of One Share $100.00
Membership Fee $10.00

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