24/7 access to your money.

Our toll-free 24-hour system (1-800-760-MECU) lets you use your account number and password to request balance information, check the status of loan applications, transfer funds, make withdrawals, or access your line of credit.

Initial Set-up

  • Choose English or Spanish
  • Enter your account number followed by the # sign
  • Enter an access code (pin number) of four digits between 1001 and 9998
  • Enter your social security number followed by the # sign
  • Enter 1 to accept the pin number or 9 to cancel — followed by the # sign.

Once your account is set up, you'll only have to enter your account and pin numbers when you use the system.

Instructions For Use

  • Dollar amounts are entered without decimals. $1, 000 would be entered as 100000 # dollars and cents.
  • MECU has two modes — The Menu Mode gives step-by-step directions. The Expert Mode is for faster service.
  • MECU walks you through the menu options in the Menu Mode. A table of Menu Mode and Expert Mode codes is below.
  • To switch from Menu Mode to Expert Mode press 7 (Additional options) then press 2 (Change Preferences) then press 2 for
  • Menu Mode.
  • All CMECU share and loan accounts have ID numbers. For example, primary share accounts have an ID of 00.
  • To locate your account ID numbers: In Menu Mode press 1 (Balance Inquiries) then press 5 for (List of Open Shares) or press 6 for (List of Open Loans).
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