Your deposit on time, every time.

Direct Deposit is a free service that electronically deposits your paycheck, retirement or pension checks, Social Security check, taxes or any other recurring payments to your credit union checking account automatically each payday.

CMECU offers free checking with free ATM/Debit card attached, online banking, e statements, bill pay and other account benefits to our members who use Direct Deposit. Please keep in mind that if you do not have Direct Deposit your monthly checking account service charge will be $6.00.

Why Direct Deposit is the Smart Choice?

  • Once you have signed up for Direct Deposit, you don't have to come to the credit union to deposit checks. So you avoid teller lines on paydays.
  • Reduce the risk of check fraud and lost or stolen checks.
  • Eliminates risk of ID theft or mail fraud.
  • Your money is automatically deposited into your account on time, every time — and you don't have to be at work — or even in town!
  • Direct Deposit gives you access to your money earlier than check deposits. There is no waiting for checks to clear and makes saving money easier since funds go directly into your account.
  • Direct Deposit puts you in charge of your money. Financial planners recommend Direct Deposit as one step towards gaining control of your finances.
  • With Direct Deposit, you decide how to divide your pay among your accounts and it will be done automatically.

Signing Up is Easy... Do it Now

If you don't have Direct Deposit with any financial institution right now please just complete a one time authorization form, and soon your checks will be automatically deposited to your account. Remember Chicago Municipal Employees Credit Union's routing and transit number is 271078094, but even if you already have Direct Deposit at another financial institution enter your information into the Direct Deposit Change Request Form and make the switch to CMECU today!

Payroll Deduction

If you only want to make a regular loan payment or savings deposit instead of sending your whole check to the credit union, you can use the Payroll Deduction service offered by many employers in our field of membership 

Payroll Deductions are automatic deductions from each paycheck for specific amounts, such as a credit union loan payment or deposits to a savings account, Financial Health Club or Christmas Club account, or IRA. Since the deduction is only part of your total check, you still receive a regular paper check on payday (less the amount of your deductions). Please just complete the authorization for payroll deduction form.

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