Online Safety

The Internet is an exciting tool that puts vast information at our fingertips. Many of us rely on our computers and email every day of our lives. With so much information out there in the "cyber world", we must be "cyber smart" to make sure our online experience is positive. The following tips are just a few ideas to help you ensure privacy on your computer:

  1. Use protection software ("anti-virus software") and keep it up-to-date;
  2. Don't open email from unknown sources;
  3. Use passwords that are hard to guess and do not spell a word or name;
  4. Don't share your passwords or give them out to ANYONE either online or over the phone;
  5. Take advantage of your software's security features
  6. Protect your computer from intruders by using a firewall;
  7. Disconnect from the Internet when not in use.

Learn more online security tips

Also the Federal Trade Commission's website contains helpful information for protecting yourself and your children online for more information click here.

BE AWARE OF E-MAIL SCAMS!!! If you receive a suspicious email, please IMMEDIATELY forward it to and then call the credit union at (312)236-2326 and alert us. We will NEVER ask for your account information or personal information over email. Any such attempt should be treated as fraud and reported to Chicago Municipal Employees Credit Union immediately so we may assist in protecting your account information. To help further protect you from internet fraud, NEVER reply to any emails or pop-ups that request your account and/or personal information and be sure to use updated antivirus software. Thank you!!

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